Goodbye Gossip Girl

You’re nobody, until you’re talked about.

I remember first stumbling upon Gossip Girl years ago while surfing the TV and ever since, Gossip Girl became more than a show for me – it consumed and obsessed me to the point where it was always on my mind. I remember dreaming of what it would be like to be a “Serena van der Woodson” or a “Blair Waldorf.” To me they represented the pure definition of an it girl. They had it all – looks, power, money, confidence, style.. what didn’t they have! Life seemed far too easy for them with everything  given to them on a silver platter! But, isn’t this the life every girl dreams about – getting all that we want simply with the snap of our fingers?

The shows success was not only  a result of portraying sophisticated, beautiful girls as icons for viewers to gawk in awe of, but also due to the complicated relationships that took place. Every character on the show at some point hooked up with one another. The relationships that formed were all unique in their own way. Take Blair and Chuck for example, their relationship was suspenseful and complex, whereas Serena and Dan’s was ironic and cute – Dan coming from a humble upbringing and Serena the opposite, from a high class family.

The biggest allure of the show however, is the constant wonder of Who is GOSSIP GIRL? We as viewers were pulled along on a mystery hunt from the day the show aired. They hooked us the minute we discovered their was an annonymous blogger who held the power and knowledge of everyone in New York. It was intersting to see how much this unknown individual dictated the lives of the upper east society, causing both conflict and drama through and through. The characters in the show relied on Gossip Girl to define who was hot and who was not. In addition, Gossip Girl had complete control to destroy anyones lives simply by saying something nasty or shocking about him or her at any moment she/he desired to.

It is unbelievable that after 6 seasons of Gossip Girl, the show is now over. The season finale and wrap up of the entire show was not at all what I was anticipating.  I was expecting the show to go out with a big BANG – something we all wouldn’t see coming. Instead, it left us feeling nostalgic and happy for all the characters that ended up working out their differences and finding love in their circle of friends and family. The only twist was finding the identity of Gossip Girl, which was lonely boy Dan Humphrey who was pulling the strings the whole time! The strangest thing about this discovery is the way the others responded – they accepted it and were more impressed by him than angry at him. It also makes past scenes where Dan is by himself and shocked by a GG blast unintentionally funny. The decision on the writers to choose Gossip Girl straight from the heart of the gang – is one that deserves respect. I am glad Gossip Girl didn’t end up being an unknown person or peripheral character.

Even if the ending wasn’t all that it was anticipated to be there is no doubt that Gossip Girl was an entertaining show. It went beyond juicy and fun to seductive and problematic. It replaced Sex in the City and attracted more than one specific target audience. The “Gossip Girl Effect” impacted everyone – even the older generation! Seriously though, who can blame us? Once you start watching this coming of age show, you’re immediately intoxicated by the lives of the upper easters in Manhattan.

Gossip Girl may have reached its demise on television, but there is now a Gossip Girl Day on January 26. This means Gossip Girl will never be forgotten. I don’t think I could ever forget Blair Waldorf’s signature head band! Only she can pull off head bands even after high school! Without a doubt, Gossip Girl was the pure definition of “old hollywood glamour”, with brilliant galas in every episode, high fashion outfits, exhibiting boldness and wealth and the best music! The show even included socialites and members of the elite art community as guest starts, such as Vera Wang for Blair’s wedding dress, emphasizing the show’s authenticity.

 I will always be reminded of Gossip Girl whenever I notice someone on the outside wanting to get in..

xo xo



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