Do Beautiful Girls Have It Harder?

When finding love do attractive women have a harder time?

Typically seeing beautiful girls we think they’re so fortunate, they can get whomever they want. Conventional research provides evidence that good-looking people have many advantages in life, such as: making friends, getting promotions and attracting members of the opposite sex is all easier for them. We believe that they have a higher mating value because of their attractiveness. Often we even envy them, as they appear to get things they did not have to work for and rather relied on their looks to get them places.

However, this is not always the case. Many beautiful women are both unhappy and lonely. Most of us feel nothing for them, as we think they have everything going for them and need to get over themselves. But, when it comes to the dating scene these type of women seem to have a tough time!

They may walk into a bar and attract all eyes on them, but it doesn’t take long for people to feel intimidated by their sex appeal. Seeing a pretty girl makes guys instinctively feel that they are not good enough to approach her, as they believe she is out of their league and instead opt for the cute girls in the room, rather than the beautiful ones. Guys avoid girls where the risk of rejection is high and thus turn to girls who are more likely to accept their advances. Guys believe that if a girl looks good, she must be high maintenance, hard to get, taken or snobby. It seems as if looks are signs: cute is accessible, pretty is inaccessible and beautiful is unattainable.

Beautiful women are left targeted only by the most sexually aggressive men in the room, “the players.” These men tend to also be extremely handsome, overly confident and have a record of hooking up with whomever they want. Good looking women may fall easily for these types of men and regret it later on; although, most know that they are only the newest challenge or the most difficult sexual conquest for a popular guy and put their guard up. Therefore, they have a hard time getting hit on by the nice, sensitive, caring sort of guys and sometimes don’t even get hit on at all!

A typical scenario would be like this…
A gorgeous man spots a gorgeous girl. He automatically thinks, She is so hot, she’s got to be taken and overlooks her. This girl notices she’s being ignored by most males in the room and especially the hottie by the bar and instinctively thinks, There’s something wrong with me. She feels hurt and confused. Then an ugly scoundrel sees her and thinks, Damn that girl is hot and she is all by herself! I have nothing to loose! This critter approaches the gorgeous girl and she thinks to herself, I need someone. No one takes the time to get to know me, what the hell, I’ll give him a shot. 

The solution? Well, it is up to beautiful girls to be aware of the way they make guys feel. The only way they can change this is by giving off an approachable, friendly vibe, by smiling and looking at the guys they are interested in. They can’t rely on their appearance to real in the guys they are hoping to get. They must stop focusing on how they’re feeling and think of how others around them are feeling. As much as we all wish people would stop making judgments about the way we look immediately as they see us – they won’t. It is human nature to judge others by first impressions and it is up to us to prove them wrong, by expressing our personalities and showing them there is more to a person than meets the eye!



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